3 Simple steps to tackling your kid’s clutter!

Tackling the clutter!

Kid’s are messy, I think we can all agree on that. My kid’s seem to find ‘beauty’ in every piece of scrap paper, fruit snack wrapper, and empty box. I see other mom’s posting pictures of their house and it looks like a magazine is coming over any minute for a photo shoot! My house isn’t like that….ever. Our house isn’t big, our girls share a bedroom so that room is especially troublesome but I have had enough! I’ve decided that it was time to regain control and my sanity by organizing my kid’s rooms to optimize their space and control the clutter.

First step is the PURGE!!! This step is cathartic all by itself. You will probably need to do this when the kids aren’t home for the most successful purging. Broken toys, games missing pieces rendering it unplayable, clothes that no longer fit, etc, all need to go. I know its not the ideal way to spend a Saturday that the kids are at their grandmother’s but trust me it will be way more productive if they aren’t crying and trying to save every thing you try to toss. The feeling of shoving all those ‘art’ supplies in a plastic trash bag is therapeutic to say the least, and I think you are still going to enjoy your Saturday. YOU will feel better after this step alone! Also, a little word of warning, there is a good chance that you will find things that are…ummmm how do I put this….things that are gross. Like not, ewww this is kind of gross, but more like “choke, sputter, GAG, WTF!?” gross depending on how long their room has left in its natural state. Hang in there!

Side note: Toys, books, and clothes that still have some life in them can be donated to your local mission, church, or day care center for an added bonus of good karma!

Next you will want to consider how you are going to organize the remaining items. Whether you use baskets, bins, shelves, doesn’t matter as long as it is something that both you and your kids will find aesthetically appealing and functional. You will want something that your children can understand the concept of. Bins with labels can be helpful for children who are learning to read, shelving for books, tubs that fit under the bed, and a dirty clothes basket are all helpful items to keeping the room neat and tidy.

Lastly, and most importantly, MAINTAIN this sacred space!! You worked very hard to get this room into a state of tidiness so its important to not let it backslide. Regular purging whether daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your schedule is imperative to keeping up and not letting it go back to its former state. Incentivize kids to participate in the cleanup, something small because let’s be honest, they shouldn’t get rewarded for something they should be doing anyway.

I found that once I tackled this monster and got their rooms back in order that they spent more time playing in there. It seems like maybe the clutter bothered them too without them even realizing it (or maybe it was just so bad they didn’t have room to play in there), whatever the case may be their tidy (I still use that term semi loosely) room is much more enjoyable for all of us.

My kid’s room is a disaster!




My kid’s room is a disaster!

kids room

kids room

Is your kid’s disaster of a bedroom driving you mad!? You are not alone!


My girls room is a disaster. I don’t know about you but I feel like the only time that my girls room doesn’t require the services of a disaster relief cleaning company is right after I have performed a garbage bag run through. I feel like their stuff just reproduces on its own! A self-replicating menace that cannot be stopped nor contained. Seriously though, no matter how hard I try or how much I yell, my girl’s room is always a disaster!! Ironically, its not my son, who prefers a tidy room and his toys in working order. When I say disaster, I don’t mean “pick up your pjs from last night and put them in the hamper please.” I seriously mean “OMG what WAS this when it first came to be?!”

On a whim I decided to go through my girl’s room today with trash bags and purpose. It took me over an hour and 2 trash bags later to ask “is that it?”. “IS THAT IT?”, did you guys hear me?!

Over an hour and two trash bags later…Is that it?!

Seconds later my middle child says, “I think so except for what is under the bed and the dresser.”….WHAT?! “What is under the bed and the dresser?”, I ask. My darling girl responds with, “garbage”. Dumbfounded I respond, “WHAT, WHY?!”, only to hear “We didn’t have anywhere else to put it!” :::insert smoke rings coming out of my ears:::

Now I don’t know how you would reply and I am sure it would be much more dignified and adult-y than my reaction was, but at this point I am seriously in need of something to keep me from losing it. Either another adult needs to intervene to be sure I don’t go off the deep end (let’s be fair, my hubby isn’t that adult or I am in need of a drink (its 10am). So what does this momma do? I send the 8 year old to clear out everything under the dresser and the 6 year old to crawl under the bed. I was unprepared for what would come out of these dark places. Markers without caps, lost socks, and a stray cheez-it…fine….dorito bags….rice cakes, swedish fish sitting in the bottom of a plastic cup of juice….suckers half eaten….hair cut from all their dolls….thermos tumblers that once contained milk…..ewwwwww

Another 45 minutes of clearing out the most disgusting remnants of my girl’s room…my girl’s room. Those adorable little princesses that go to school and make their teachers swoon with their manners and their good behavior, these same little girls harbored horrific science projects under their beds because they had nowhere else to put them…..next time please consider the trash can ladies…..thank goodness they are cute!

How to tackle the clutter! https://asleepbynine.com/momlife/3-simple-steps-t…ing-kids-clutter/


Who is Jenny?

Wow, well that is a loaded question isn’t it, who IS Jenny?! How does one begin to explain such a complicated subject such as who you are?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the compartmentalized version of ourselves isn’t it, that maybe sometimes we lose sight of the big picture? I’m Jenny, I’m a nurse, a mom, a wife, and a small boutique owner. I am all these things at different times. Each of these roles brings out varying aspects of myself that in turn fill various emotional needs. I am a million piece puzzle that makes an amazing picture but takes forever to figure out, mostly though, in the end, I’m just Jenny. I feel AMAZING when the house is clean but let’s be honest…..that isn’t nearly often enough. I eat my veggies but love a good steak, thankfully my husband is a genius in the kitchen. I am a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ type girl, who also loves organization and planning ahead, who will honestly probably just wing it when the times comes. I love my family, running my LuLaRoe business, nature, the truth, funny movies, a good book, that first cup of absolute amazingness called coffee in the morning, and wine….lots of wine! The truth is, I have such a variety of likes that you might find it crazy……or you just might find out that I am a lot like you, a delightful potty mouthed mom who can rock out to hard rock music one day and 1940’s jazz the next. Who is never too busy for a friend in need or lunch.

I must admit with all these things going on it can sometimes be hard to remember to take time for myself. I’m sure you have the same dilemma, like you would love a mani/pedi BUT you also need groceries and to get the kids off the bus. Finding balance is the key to success so let’s see if we can’t figure this adulting thing out!

So how would you describe my life? Organized chaos I would say…..organized chaos that is Asleep by Nine.

Welcome to my little corner of the world where we are all nothing alike, yet completely the same.

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