Who is Jenny?

Wow, well that is a loaded question isn’t it, who IS Jenny?! How does one begin to explain such a complicated subject such as who you are?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the compartmentalized version of ourselves isn’t it, that maybe sometimes we lose sight of the big picture? I’m Jenny, I’m a nurse, a mom, a wife, and a small boutique owner. I am all these things at different times. Each of these roles brings out varying aspects of myself that in turn fill various emotional needs. I am a million piece puzzle that makes an amazing picture but takes forever to figure out, mostly though, in the end, I’m just Jenny. I feel AMAZING when the house is clean but let’s be honest…..that isn’t nearly often enough. I eat my veggies but love a good steak, thankfully my husband is a genius in the kitchen. I am a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ type girl, who also loves organization and planning ahead, who will honestly probably just wing it when the times comes. I love my family, running my LuLaRoe business, nature, the truth, funny movies, a good book, that first cup of absolute amazingness called coffee in the morning, and wine….lots of wine! The truth is, I have such a variety of likes that you might find it crazy……or you just might find out that I am a lot like you, a delightful potty mouthed mom who can rock out to hard rock music one day and 1940’s jazz the next. Who is never too busy for a friend in need or lunch.

I must admit with all these things going on it can sometimes be hard to remember to take time for myself. I’m sure you have the same dilemma, like you would love a mani/pedi BUT you also need groceries and to get the kids off the bus. Finding balance is the key to success so let’s see if we can’t figure this adulting thing out!

So how would you describe my life? Organized chaos I would say…..organized chaos that is Asleep by Nine.

Welcome to my little corner of the world where we are all nothing alike, yet completely the same.

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