My kid’s room is a disaster!

kids room

Is your kid’s disaster of a bedroom driving you mad!? You are not alone!


My girls room is a disaster. I don’t know about you but I feel like the only time that my girls room doesn’t require the services of a disaster relief cleaning company is right after I have performed a garbage bag run through. I feel like their stuff just reproduces on its own! A self-replicating menace that cannot be stopped nor contained. Seriously though, no matter how hard I try or how much I yell, my girl’s room is always a disaster!! Ironically, its not my son, who prefers a tidy room and his toys in working order. When I say disaster, I don’t mean “pick up your pjs from last night and put them in the hamper please.” I seriously mean “OMG what WAS this when it first came to be?!”

On a whim I decided to go through my girl’s room today with trash bags and purpose. It took me over an hour and 2 trash bags later to ask “is that it?”. “IS THAT IT?”, did you guys hear me?!

Over an hour and two trash bags later…Is that it?!

Seconds later my middle child says, “I think so except for what is under the bed and the dresser.”….WHAT?! “What is under the bed and the dresser?”, I ask. My darling girl responds with, “garbage”. Dumbfounded I respond, “WHAT, WHY?!”, only to hear “We didn’t have anywhere else to put it!” :::insert smoke rings coming out of my ears:::

Now I don’t know how you would reply and I am sure it would be much more dignified and adult-y than my reaction was, but at this point I am seriously in need of something to keep me from losing it. Either another adult needs to intervene to be sure I don’t go off the deep end (let’s be fair, my hubby isn’t that adult or I am in need of a drink (its 10am). So what does this momma do? I send the 8 year old to clear out everything under the dresser and the 6 year old to crawl under the bed. I was unprepared for what would come out of these dark places. Markers without caps, lost socks, and a stray cheez-it…fine….dorito bags….rice cakes, swedish fish sitting in the bottom of a plastic cup of juice….suckers half eaten….hair cut from all their dolls….thermos tumblers that once contained milk…..ewwwwww

Another 45 minutes of clearing out the most disgusting remnants of my girl’s room…my girl’s room. Those adorable little princesses that go to school and make their teachers swoon with their manners and their good behavior, these same little girls harbored horrific science projects under their beds because they had nowhere else to put them… time please consider the trash can ladies…..thank goodness they are cute!

How to tackle the clutter!…ing-kids-clutter/