CBD – My Experience with Depression

Have you heard of CBD fluid? Unless you have been living under a rock then you probably have, but what is it, what is it for, and why should you try it? I can’t promise to have all the answers to those questions or others you might have. However, I will go through how I came to try CBD fluid and what I discovered when I did.

Depression runs in the family.

I have had issues with depression on an off throughout most of my adult life. My father suffered with a major depressive disorder, although his went unacknowledged and untreated except for with Twinkies. Postpartum, seasonal affective disorder, and why do people just suck depressions have hit me at various times in my life. I would usually self medicate with food until I took up running. Which I fell in love with the feeling of running every day.

I had been having some pretty unpleasant health issues for a little over a year. It started with one seemingly insignificant cold and then snowballed into a roaring avalanche of shit beyond my control. Without going into too much detail, these issues replaced my daily outdoor runs with prescription medications and sadness. I was depressed, gaining weight in a way that felt like it was normal to wake up and weigh more than yesterday. After a while I was able to get off the medications. My healthy and active lifestyle were waiting for my triumphant return. Yet I was still not myself and I couldn’t figure out how to get back to her again. I hated looking in the mirror, hated getting dressed. I just wanted to go back to bed.

I quit my full time job. I took a position that was significantly less stressful but the financial toll was another depressing hurdle to overcome.  Even though I reduced my stress level I still felt stuck. I would lay awake at night wondering what I should do? Did I even have the strength to do what needed to be done? I just couldn’t seem to get out of my own way. I hated myself for letting this happen.

Then a friend mentioned she had tried CBD fluid for her migraines and she swore it was a miracle worker.

I have always been a believer in plant based medicine. I have witnessed too many accounts of natural treatments often being not only more effective but with a million less side effects. So I was curious, could CBD help me with my depression? I clicked on the link she sent me. To be honest I was a little concerned about the price at first but figured it was worth a shot because I didn’t want any more prescription pills. So I put a bottle in my cart and hit checkout, $110 later I received the email confirmation that my order was submitted.

Here we go.

I was so excited when it arrived! I opened up the box and saw this tiny little bottle. Well my little miracle worker, show me what you’ve got. Just two drops under the tongue, hmmm, that doesn’t seem like much but ok. Oh My God is tastes like I am drinking hemp! WOW that was a strong flavor, I should have had water ready to drink! Washed it down and then thought to myself, “I don’t feel anything”. To be honest I am not sure what I expected to feel instantly. I guess I thought it would be like taking a hit off a bong. It wasn’t at all. I literally felt nothing. The rational side of me then realized that it would take time. Like every other medication I have ever needed, the results aren’t usually instant. So I kept doing it.

Four weeks later.

Suddenly it dawned on me that I was sleeping like a rock, every damn night. My dreams were returning. Side note: I am a strong Empath and my dreams have always been a guide for me, when depression hits I struggle with insomnia and they disappear. Now that I was getting better sleep I felt more rested during the day, more energetic and focused. I felt like running again. I want to purge my house all Marie Kondo style, I will update you on that project in another post. CBD fluid has given me my life back. I no longer feel depressed or like I am helpless in my situation. I feel like me again. I am so thankful for CBD. My friend was right, it is a miracle worker.


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Top 10 Quotes for Small Business Owners

Top 10 Quotes for Small Business Owners

There are many struggles and joys that come along with being a small business owner, the ups and downs of direct sales can be very exciting yet trying and go from one to the other many times in one day. It can be exhausting BUT, being your own boss and having some control over your own daily life is a wonderful feeling that just can’t compare with working for someone else. I’ve compiled my ten favorite quotes for keeping my eyes focused on the road ahead whenever I am feeling low. I have a few of these taped to my desk to remind me whenever I am feeling sorry for myself to keep moving forward.

1.) “If it’s to be, it is up to me” ~ William H. Johnson – no one but you can make this dream a reality.

2.) “If you want to be trusted, be honest” – nothing brings people back, often with their friends than knowing that you are fair and honest to work with. Nothing.

3.) “It always seems impossible until it is done.” ~ Nelson Mandela – great quote just for life in general but no matter the obstacle, tackle it one piece at a time until it is done.

4.) “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected.” – if you have staff or assistants, making them feel appreciated is and should remain an important aspect in the success of your business.

5.) “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.” – Maya Angelou, things will not go as planned on an almost daily basis at times, don’t lose sight of your goal.

6.) “I want to see what happens if I don’t give up.” – Just what are you capable of? You will never know if you don’t try!

7.) “Find a way, not an excuse. Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity won’t.” – Dig in and figure it out, whatever the challenge, it is yours to face.

8.) “Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can plant flowers, or you can plant weeds.” – what you think, you become so pay careful attention of how you talk to yourself.

9.) “Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.” – challenge yourself and others to work towards the small goals that will help you achieve your BIG goal!

10.) “Look in the mirror…….that’s your competition”, this is by far my favorite because it reminds me that I am the only one I have to worry about being better than, the person and business owner that I was yesterday.

Remember that this is your dream, your goal, your business and the only one that can make this happen is you!


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Who is Jenny?

Wow, well that is a loaded question isn’t it, who IS Jenny?! How does one begin to explain such a complicated subject such as who you are?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the compartmentalized version of ourselves isn’t it, that maybe sometimes we lose sight of the big picture? I’m Jenny, I’m a nurse, a mom, a wife, and a small boutique owner. I am all these things at different times. Each of these roles brings out varying aspects of myself that in turn fill various emotional needs. I am a million piece puzzle that makes an amazing picture but takes forever to figure out, mostly though, in the end, I’m just Jenny. I feel AMAZING when the house is clean but let’s be honest…..that isn’t nearly often enough. I eat my veggies but love a good steak, thankfully my husband is a genius in the kitchen. I am a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ type girl, who also loves organization and planning ahead, who will honestly probably just wing it when the times comes. I love my family, running my LuLaRoe business, nature, the truth, funny movies, a good book, that first cup of absolute amazingness called coffee in the morning, and wine….lots of wine! The truth is, I have such a variety of likes that you might find it crazy……or you just might find out that I am a lot like you, a delightful potty mouthed mom who can rock out to hard rock music one day and 1940’s jazz the next. Who is never too busy for a friend in need or lunch.

I must admit with all these things going on it can sometimes be hard to remember to take time for myself. I’m sure you have the same dilemma, like you would love a mani/pedi BUT you also need groceries and to get the kids off the bus. Finding balance is the key to success so let’s see if we can’t figure this adulting thing out!

So how would you describe my life? Organized chaos I would say…..organized chaos that is Asleep by Nine.

Welcome to my little corner of the world where we are all nothing alike, yet completely the same.

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