Time for Yourself: 3 Tips for a Busy Mom

asleep by nine

Are you taking time for yourself to recharge, to just breathe? Probably not, well we are here to tell you that it is ok to make time for yourself! We see you running about doing all your mom things but when was the last time you did something for you? We all know that you do a thousand things in a regular day (sometimes an hour) for your family but what about you? You are just as important as anyone else in your family, in fact, maybe even more so! Your family counts on you to keep everyone on point. You keep the pantry stocked, make sure they have clean clothes to wear, schedule dentist appts, soccer, play dates, plus a hundred other tasks that you do without complaint (giggle….ok maybe a complaint or two here or there). You keep everything organized so it can all run smoothly and on time (if you are anything like me then we can use that term loosely if you would like). So, what about you, where do you fit it? As busy moms we often feel guilty for taking the time to do something as silly as get our nails done, go to the beach, lunch with a friend, because we are just thinking about all the things that still need to get done. Well make sure there is time allotted for you to recharge because if you burn out then who will take care of everyone? The old saying “You cannot pour from an empty cup.”, is so true.

3 Simple ways to get some alone time

1.) Schedule it. You thought it was going to be more profound than that right?! Sometimes it is as simple as getting yourself in the books. Don’t just schedule it though, keep it! Write it in pen, you deserve better than to just be penciled in!

2.) Steal it. Whether you are in between errands, softball practice or running to the store, just pull over and sit for 10 minutes. Turn off the radio, no cell phone, just take a minute to look around at everyone else running and gunning. Just breathe.

3.) Set your alarm. My favorite alone time is early in the morning. Every day I get up before my family and the sun and have my coffee in peace. To some it may seem crazy to get up so early but the peace I feel from this hour of solitude is worth getting out of bed for!

As you can see this isn’t some grand scheme to score a week away from your family and all your responsibilities or to convince you that a weekly 2 hour massage needs to be your norm. Consider this more of a starter kit for your alone time. Quick ways to steal a few moments for yourself that WILL help you relax a little and see things differently. Give it a try!

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