5 Tips for Mom to Enjoy A Snow Day!

snow day


You just received the call that school is closed for a snow day today, again. There is an initial relief that you can relax a little and don’t have to rush to get everyone out the door, but then reality sets in. They are home ALL DAY, whether it is with you, your partner, or a babysitter, someone is going to inevitably be “bored”, “hungry”, or fighting with a sibling. So there are a few things you can do in advance to make the next snow day a more enjoyable one for everyone.

Here are five things I have found that make a snow day more fun:

1.) Check their snow gear BEFORE the snow day! – Nothing ruins a snow day faster than when boots or snow pants are MIA or don’t fit! This is a BIG one because it gets them OUTSIDE!!! Everyone wins!

2.) Frozen cookie dough – silly right? So I really stumbled upon this gem by accident. My kids started selling cookie dough at the beginning of each school year as a fundraiser. I bought a couple boxes not realizing they would be my new BFF. My kids love having warm cookies after being out playing in the snow, (I mean who doesn’t right?!). That had always meant getting everything out and making them from scratch for the kids to enjoy. I love it, but I didn’t always feel like doing it. Frozen cookie dough to the rescue! Pop them in the oven, I look like the hero with minimal effort. Even if you aren’t a fan of pre-made products you can still make your own and freeze them for the occasion.

3.) Emergency game/toy stash – kids get overloaded with gifts at Christmas and birthdays frequently. Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, usually drop a toy store off in your living room each year so take a few of those games and put them away into a secret stash! Pull one out and again, you look like the hero. Nothing occupies them (for at least a little while) like a new game/toy!

4.) Always have popcorn on hand! – There is something magical about popcorn that turns a movie into something exciting! Even a movie you have seen before becomes an event when you add a big bowl of popcorn to the mix!

5.) Just roll with it! – I know you weren’t planning on them being home today, maybe you had a bunch of things that you need to get done, but just like their youth, snow days won’t last forever. There will come a time before you know it when they aren’t little anymore, then they aren’t home anymore, and you won’t have any snow days again. Build the snowman, make the cookies, play the board games. They will remember those things a lot more fondly than, “mommy got her list done”, (which ironically is never done….EVER).

When all else fails mom, there is a bottle of wine in the dining room.

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