5 Reasons to Travel Without the Kids

How long has it been since you travelled without your kids? How long since you and your significant other just took a trip for just the two of you? If you are like most parents then it has been a REALLY long time. In fact, I bet many of you are waiting until the kids are grown to travel right?! Well that is a big mistake and here are the top five reasons why you need to plan a trip without the kids like yesterday.

First of all, it is Cheaper!

Ok, this is a no brainer right?! It is certainly cheaper for just two adults to travel than it is when you add in more little mouths to feed, shelter and entertain. Is this article a joke, of course it is cheaper. Cheaper is a total given. Which is also the total destroyer of your first excuse to why you CAN’T take a vacation without the kids. You need to get over the guilt of spending a little money on yourselves. I mean, you literally earned it.

Refill your relationship’s cup.

You both love those little beasts, they are your heart and soul. I also know that after day in and day out of constantly putting yourself dead last that you need to refill your cup. Well guess what, your relationship has a cup that needs filling, DESERVES filling too. You both need a chance to remember why you do all those crazy running here and there things that you do. You both need to remember why you wanted to do those things together, why you choose each other. A trip just the two of you will help remind you of that.

Non kid friendly fun is SOOO fun!

If you are reading this then it has likely been a while since you and your love did anything that didn’t involve the kids. So you probably forgot how relaxing it is to just sit on the beach for a few hours without adjusting someone’s goggles, getting a snack box out of the cooler, or walking someone to the bathroom. Maybe you also forgot how cool it is to take a tour of local landmark, museum, or check out kitchy little shop. I would wager that you even forgot how awesome it is to sit at an outdoor patio with a pitcher of margaritas and the love of your life for lunch. Then head back to the room for some afternoon delight and a nap. You forgot about that didn’t you?

In case you are wondering the margarita pitcher hadn’t arrived yet!

Scope out kid friendly locations.

We have done a decent amount of traveling for a couple with younger children. We have traveled to places that we were glad we didn’t bring the kids. Some of them we were REALLY glad! There have also been places that we know we want to go back with the kids one day. By not having them with us it allowed us to scope things out for a lot less money and a lot more us time. We can see whether or not there are kid friendly restaurants, parks, fun activities, rainy day stuff without getting there with everyone in tow. So think of your trip as a cheap, relationship cup filling, day drinking recon mission.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Every day you spend the majority of your time making sure that someone else gets what they need from you. You make sure that everyone gets to practice, brings a sweatshirt, or remembers their lunch box. Every.Damn.Day. You both do so much for the little people in your lives that it’s easy to forget yourselves. It can also be easy to just let your relationships go into autopilot. Both your relationship with your partner and with your kids. It can be easy to take all of it for granted. By going away you actually remind yourselves exactly why you want to come home again.


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